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Shipping & Tracking

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Shipping & Tracking Policy

If a customer ordered a product from our website, we will process the order.

After processing and packing, we will ship the product to the customer's address. Reaching the customer takes about 7 to 10 days, so sit back and relax while we process and ship the product to you. You will get a Tracking number or link to see where your product has reached till then.

Return & Exchange Policy

If a customer raises a return or exchange request for a defective product, you can share the same with us by dropping in a mail at If the defect is verified, Truester will take 100% responsibility for the same and initiate a refund or replacement, at 0 cost, as the customer prefers.

You can follow the guidelines below to raise a Refund/ Replacement request:

  1. The defect needs to be communicated to Truester within 10 days from the date of delivery.

  2. Share images/ videos of the product in full view with the defect clearly visible.

  3. Share an image of the UID label (Barcode Sticker) attached to the product.

  4. Share images of the packaging with the shipping label visible.

However, if the customer raises a return or exchange request for a product with no defects, Truester will not be liable to initiate a refund or replacement. For example, the customer is looking for a different size, or different colour of the product and raises a return or exchange request.

Otherwise, customers can replace the size or color of the same product within

10 days from purchasing but there would be extra charges to pay to Truester. Then we will initiate a reverse pickup for the product and re-deliver the newly desired product.

If, the customer gets defective products and doesn't want a replacement but a refund. Truester will initiate verification of the defective product. If accepted we will

reverse pickup the product and refund customer's amount as soon as possible.

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